• Luke DeRoy

There's A Monster

Updated: Mar 8

There's a monster in my mind

I don't need to look to find.

The more I try to keep him fed

The more the hunger grows inside

I could shun him, if I tried,

Deprive him of but all the light,

But darkness is his fuel and fire,


He has qualities I like.

There's a serpent in my soul.

Without him, I would not be whole.

I wrestle with his twisted ways,

We're all wrapped up and down we roll.

Vicious like the predator

He is, I see a heart of gold

With skin like leather, rough and cold.

Devilish and powerful.

Slithering he tells me, "Go,

Do not fear or hesitate

To show me to the world."

Wouldn't I know,

I let him out

For just a moment,

Back inside he'll never go.

There's a harlot in my heart.

Been there since the very start.

Though not a harlot to begin

She is what she must be for art.

Once I was a younger part

Of me, I bid but missed the mark

So change we did

And cunningly, she shows me

Just how smart she is.

There's a vagrant in my veins-

Consummates my aching pain

For every time I see the sun

He drives me back into the rain.

I could go insane.

Find myself back, from where I came

And heaven only knows

It's always pouring in the rain.

Though in a way he saves me from the beggar in my brain.

The vagrant knows the beggar well,

But they could not be less the same.

So once again I'll run away

My company is left to fate:

My monster, serpent, harlot, vagrant, beggar

And the sage.


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