• Luke DeRoy

Be Unique and Unafraid

Updated: Jan 22

Saturday Jan 18 11AM

These past several months have deepened my fascination and therefore my dedication to this quest I've found myself on for knowledge, wisdom, and what is right in terms of the heart. I've found it is imperative to remain aware of which rules we are following, and to uncover their origin. How does one go against the grain without becoming lost, out, alone, 'without a paddle'?

Ahh, but if passion is followed then passion shall become your paddle and your guiding light and star. Be unafraid, and be unique, and let that uniqueness shine such bright light that other lost souls will be alerted, and drawn to you, at last made warm once again by your brave heat.

Smile and listen to the deepest desires of your own heart. Bare witness to the massive potential you hold in your mind. With every breath you take you are participating in the great cosmic dance, and playing your one-of-a-kind part, regardless of your ability to recognize it.

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